How Stress Is Creating Fertility Issues

Although emotional distress may not seem that easy to fix, it is easy to work on. One problem is many people don’t consider the impact it can have on fertility, so it often goes unnoticed.

Adrenaline plays a role in your cycle so stress not only messes up your fertility hormones, it can even stop your cycles altogether. It also increases tension, reduces circulation and that’s just some of the physical issues ti creates. It also affects how you conceive because of how you’re feeling.

If you are having trouble conceiving trying some emotional therapy to help work through any issues, such as meditation, journaling or yoga, could really help to reduce the amount of stress you are experiencing.

However, if your struggle has been going on for some time, there may be deeper issues that need to be addressed. EFT is a very versatile emotional therapy. It can be used to help you figure out what’s going on even when your not sure what’s causing the stress. It’s great for stress-relief too and this tapping technique, along with other energy techniques, is one that you can use anytime, anywhere once you’ve learned it. With just a few guided sessions, you can start to see real changes, not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. Combined with other energy healing techniques, you can experience significant changes in your physiology and overall ability to conceive.

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